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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Miscellaneous new species of Acacia (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae) from south-west Western Australia

Six new species endemic to south-west Western Australia are described. Three of the species belong to Acacia Mill. sect. Acacia (formerly sect. Phyllodineae DC.), namely, A. adjutrices Maslin (based on A. insolita subsp. efoliolata Maslin), A. coatesii Maslin and A. thieleana Maslin, one from Acacia sect. Juliflorae (Benth.) Maiden & Betche, namely, A. collegialis Maslin and two from Acacia sect. Plurinerves (Benth.) Maiden & Betche, namely, A. besleyi Maslin and A. fraternalis Maslin. Three of the species have conservation value under Department of Parks and Wildlife Conservation Codes for Western Australian Flora, namely, A. adjutrices (Priority Three), A. besleyi (Priority One) and A. coatesii (Priority One).