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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Two new species of Phyllanthus from northern Australia and notes on Phyllanthus, Sauropus and Synostemon (Phyllanthaceae) in Western Australia

Two new species of Phyllanthus L. are described, both included within P. subgen. Lysiandra F.Muell.; P. eremicus R.L.Barrett & I.Telford occurring in the Pilbara, Great Sandy Desert and southern Dampierland bioregions of Western Australia and the Tanami region of the Northern Territory, and P. hamelinii I.Telford & R.L.Barrett restricted to the Carnarvon bioregion, Western Australia. Both species have reasonably restricted or poorly known distributions and P. eremicus is of some conservation concern. Sauropus rigidulus (Müll.Arg.) Airy Shaw is formally recorded for Western Australia and a full description is provided. All of these taxa have previously been listed on Western Australia.s plant name census as phrase-named taxa. All three species are described and illustrated. Notes are made on the application of misapplied names and phrase-named taxa in Phyllanthus, Sauropus Blume and Synostemon F.Muell. in use in Western Australia.