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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Stylidium miscellany II: typification of some Sonder names and the description of a new subspecies of S. uniflorum

A full synonymy is presented for S. affine Sond. to include S. affine var. minus E.Pritz., a name previously treated as a synonym of S. caricifolium Lindl. Lectotypes are selected for four species described by Otto Sonder, namely S. lineatum Sond., S. pubigerum Sond., S. rupestre Sond. and S. uniflorum Sond. Stylidium rupestre f. abbreviatum Mildbr., S. rupestre f. congestum Mildbr., S. rupestre f. uniflorum Mildbr. and S. glaucum var. brownei DC. are formally placed into synonymy under S. rupestre, with lectotypes designated for S. rupestre f. abbreviatum and S. glaucum var. brownei. Revised descriptions are provided for S. rupestre and S. uniflorum, and S. uniflorum subsp. extensum Wege is newly described. Putative hybrids between both subspecies of S. uniflorum and S. leptophyllum DC. are recorded.