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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

A taxonomic revision of Beaufortia (Myrtaceae: Melaleuceae)

Beaufortia R.Br. (Myrtaceae) is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia and is almost confined to the South-West Botanical Province, with a few species extending a short distance into the Eremaean. Twenty-two species are recognised in this revision of the genus, including three new species: B. burbidgeae A.A.Burb., B. kwongkanicola A.A.Burb. and B. raggedensis A.A.Burb. Beaufortia puberula Turcz. is reinstated and B. interstans F.Muell. placed into synonymy under it. Lectotypes are selected for B. anisandra Schauer, B. dampieri A.Cunn., B. elegans Schauer, B. empetrifolia (Rchb.) Schauer, B. micrantha Schauer, B. micrantha var. puberula Benth., B. orbifolia F.Muell., B. schaueri Preiss ex Schauer, B. schaueri var. (?) atrorubens Benth., B. sparsa R.Br. and B. squarrosa Schauer.