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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Rumex (Polygonaceae) in Australia : a reconsideration

Descriptions and a key are provided for the 8 indigenous and 9 alien species of Rumex within Australia. Of the indigenous taxa R. alcockii, R. stenoglottis, R. x comaumensis (R. bidens x R. brownii) and R. x johannismoorei (R. brownii x R. crispus) are described as new. Rumex dumosiformis is reduced to a variety of R. dumosus and R. flexuosiformis is relegated to synonymy under R. drummondii. Notes on 4 hybrids between alien species are included. A classification for subgen. Rumex is proposed which three new subsections within section Simplices are described: subsect. Amphibii, subsect. Australienses and subsect. Acrancistron. The following taxa are included in this account. Indigenous species: Rumex alcockii Rech. f., R. bidens R. Br., R. brownii Campderá, R. crystallinus Lange, R. drummondii Meisn., R. dumosus A. Cunn. ex Meisn.,R. stenoglottis Rech. f. and R. tenax Rech. f. Alien species: Rumex acetosella L., R. bucephalophorus L., R. conglomeratus Murr., R. crispus L., R. frutescens Thouars, R. obtusifolius L., R. pulcher L., R. sagittatus Thunb. and R. vesicarius L. Hybrids: R. x comaumensis Rech. f. (R. bidens R.Br. x R. brownii Campderá), R. x johannis-moorei Rech.f. (R. brownii Campdera x R. crispus L.), R. x schulzei Hausskn. (R. conglomeratus Murr. x R. crispus L.), R. x muretii Hausskn. (R. conglomeratus Murr. x R. pulcher L.), R. x pratensis Mertens & Koch (R. crispus L. x R. obtusifolius L.) and R. x pseudopulcher Hausskn. (R. crispus L. x R. pulcher L.).

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