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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium


Volumes 1–14 are available for download via the Biodiversity Heritage Library’s (BHL) page for Nuytsia.

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New taxa and a new infrageneric classification in Dryandra R.Br. (Proteaceae : Grevilleoideae)

GEORGE, A.S., Nuytsia 10 (3): 313–408 (1996)

In preparation for an account in Volume 17 of the "Flora of Australia", new taxa (10 series, 29 species, 24 subspecies, 10 varieties) and a new infrageneric classification are presented. Twelve new combinations are made. A number of previously-published names are lecto- or neotypified. The work is based on classical taxonomic methods. The genus now consists of three subgenera, 24 series, 92 species and 36 infrageneric taxa. Keys to all taxa are given. The conservation status is given for each taxon treated; some are very restricted and two almost extinct in the wild.

A reassessment of Prasophyllum gracile and P. macrostachyum (Orchidaceae), with the description of P. paulinae, a new species from south-west Western Australia

JONES, DAVID L. AND CLEMENTS, MARK A., Nuytsia 10 (3): 409–418 (1996)

The taxonomic status of the Australian orchid Prasophyllum gracile Lindl. is clarified after a critical examination of the holotype. A rare new species, Prasophyllum paulinae, closely related to P. macrostachyum R. Br., is described from a restricted area in the south-west of Western Australia.

Drosera kenneallyi (Droseraceae), a new tropical species of carnivorous plant from the Kimberley, northern Western Australia

LOWRIE, A., Nuytsia 10 (3): 419–423 (1996)

A new species, Drosera kenneallyi (Droseraceae), is described from tropical northern Western Australia. The features that distinguish this taxon from its nearest relatives are presented, with growth adaptations and habitat preferences indicated.

Stylidium fimbriatum (Stylidaceae), a new tropical species of triggerplant from the Kimberley, Western Australia

LOWRIE, A. AND KENNEALLY, K.F., Nuytsia 10 (3): 425–427 (1996)

A new species of Stylidium (Stylidiaceae) from the Kimberley region of Western Australia, S. fimbriatum Lowrie & Kenneally, is described and illustrated.

Wurmbea saccata (Colchicaceae), a lepidopteran-pollinated new species from Western Australia

MACFARLANE, T.D. AND VAN LEEUWEN, S., Nuytsia 10 (3): 429–435 (1996)

Wurmbea saccata is described as new and illustrated with drawings and a photograph. It occurs in an apparently limited area of the remote Barlee Range Nature Reserve, south east of Onslow, Western Australia. The tepal nectaries are concealed in pouches formed by the lower part of each tepal and its adjacent staminal filament, a feature unique in the genus. The plants are commonly visited by unidentified day-flying lepidoptera. The new species is closely related to W. densiflora (Benth.) T.D. Macfarlane.

Eucalyptus semota (Myrtaceae), a new species from the Ashburton District of Western Australia

MACPHERSON, C.J. AND GRAYLING, P.M., Nuytsia 10 (3): 437–441 (1996)

A new species is described from a few populations near Marymia Hill, north-east of Meekatharra. It is related to Eucalyptus blaxellii L.A.S. Johnson & K.D. Hill, from which it differs mainly in habit, bark and juvenile leaf morphology.

Acacia thomsonii (Leguminosae : Mimosoideae : Acacia section Juliflorae), a new species from the tropical dry zone of Australia

MASLIN, B.R. AND MCDONALD, M.W., Nuytsia 10 (3): 443–449 (1996)

Acacia thomsonii Maslin & M.W. McDonald, a new species with seed that has potential as a human food resource, is described and illustrated. It is discontinuous within the tropical dry zone of Australia, extending from northeast Western Australia, through Northern Territory to northwest Queensland. In the past A. thomsonii was confused with A. cowleana Tate but is most closely allied to A. colei Maslin & L.A.J. Thomson.

Granitites, a new genus of Rhamnaceae from the south-west of Western Australia

RYE, B.L., Nuytsia 10 (3): 451–457 (1996)

Granitites, a new monotypic genus in the family Rhamnaceae, is described. It is restricted to granite outcrops in the south-west of Western Australia but has a number of characteristics in common with tropical members of the family.

Tetragonia coronata, a new species of Aizoaceae from Western Australia

RYE, B.L. AND TRUDGEN, MALCOLM E., Nuytsia 10 (3): 459–462 (1996)

A new species, Tetragonia coronata Rye & Trudgen, is described and illustrated. It is restricted to a small area in the vicinity of Hamelin Station, near Shark Bay and is the rarest of the seven species of Tetragonia native to Western Australia.

Update to the informal names used in ‘Flora of the Perth Region’

CURRY, S. AND CHAPMAN, A.R., Nuytsia 10 (3): 463–464 (1996)


Update to the informal names used in ‘Flora of the Kimberley Region’

CURRY, S. AND CHAPMAN, A.R., Nuytsia 10 (3): 464–466 (1996)


Recognition and distribution of Solanum hoplopetalum and S. hystrix (Solanaceae) in Australia

LEPSCHI, B.J., Nuytsia 10 (3): 467–470 (1996)