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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium


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Goodenia katabudjar (Goodeniaceae), a new species from south-west Western Australia

CRANFIELD, R.J. AND SAGE, L.W., Nuytsia 11 (3): 297–299 (1997)

A new species of Goodenia (Goodeniaceae) endemic to the Darling District, South West Botanical Province, G. katatbudjar Cranfield & Sage, is described and illustrated. A key to the species considered to be similar to G. katabudjar is provided and the differences between these are briefly noted.

Taxonomic notes on Boronia species of north-western Australia, including a revision of the Boronia lanuginosa group (Boronia section Valvatae : Rutaceae)

DURETTO, M.F., Nuytsia 11 (3): 301–346 (1997)

The revision of Boronia (Rutaceae) in the Northern Territory, the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, and north-western Queensland is completed, and a key to all species is provided. The B. lanuginosa Endl. species group is characterized as those species with pinnate leaves, a calyx as large as or larger than the corolla, multiangular stellate hairs, and a pronounced ridge on the micropylar side of the seed. This clade comprises the B. lanuginosa species complex, B. filicifolia A. Cunn. ex Benth., B. pauciflora W. Fitzg. and five newly described species: viz. B. decumbens Duretto, B. minutipinna Duretto, B. kalumburuensis Duretto, B. jucunda Duretto and B. tolerans Duretto. The B. lanuginosa species complex has four available names and was analysed numerically using phenetic methods. Two taxa were identified in the analysis. Boronia artemisiifolia var. wilsonii F. Muell. ex Benth. is raised to specific status while B. affinis R. Br. ex Benth. and B. artemisiifolia F. Muell. are synonymized under B. lanuginosa . Additionally, B. rupicola Duretto is described, and B. filicifolia, B. lanceolata F. Muell. , B. lanuginosa and B. pauciflora are lectotypified.

Drosera paradoxa (Droseraceae), a new species from northern Australia

LOWRIE, A., Nuytsia 11 (3): 347–351 (1997)

The new species D. paradoxa Lowrie is described and illustrated. It occurs in tropical northern Australia and belongs in Drosera sect. Lasiocephala Planchon.

A taxonomic review of Stylidium subgenus Forsteropsis (Stylidiaceae)

LOWRIE, A. AND KENNEALLY, K.F., Nuytsia 11 (3): 353–364 (1997)

Three new species of Stylidium Willd. (Stylidiaceae) from south-west Western Australia, Stylidium leeuwinense, S. marradongense and S. semaphorum Lowrie & Kenneally are described and illustrated. Descriptions and illustrations of S. imbricatum Benth. and S. preissii (Sond.) F. Muell. are provided for comparison and to complete this review of Stylidium subgenus Forsteropsis (Sond.) Mildbr.

A taxonomic revision of the Eucalyptus striaticalyx group (Eucalyptus series Rufispermae : Myrtaceae)

NICOLLE, D., Nuytsia 11 (3): 365–382 (1997)

A taxonomic revision of Eucalyptus striaticalyx W. Fitzg. sens. lat. has been undertaken based on morphological characteristics observed through field studies, herbarium research and seedling trials. E. striaticalyx W. Fitzg. subsp. striaticalyx, from the northern goldfields and E. clelandii F. Muell. from the central goldfields of Western Australia are treated and new taxa are described here as E. striaticalyx subsp. delicata Nicolle & P.J. Lang, restricted to a couple of lunette systems in the northern goldfields of Western Australia, E. gypsophila Nicolle, widespread in the Great Victoria Desert of Western Australia and South Australia, with remnant populations extending to the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia, E. repullulans Nicolle from the Pilbara area of Western Australia, and E. canescens Nicolle (with subsp. canescens and subsp. beadellii Nicolle), apparently endemic to the southern Great Victoria Desert of South Australia. Keys, maps and representative illustrations for all the described species are provided.

A synopsis of the annual species of Cyperaceae from central and southern Western Australia

RYE, B.L., Nuytsia 11 (3): 383–423 (1997)

A synopsis, keys and distribution maps are provided for all the annual species of Cyperaceae known from the Eremaean and South West Botanical Provinces of Western Australia. Selected species are illustrated. Some taxa are of conservation significance, including about six species each known from only one collection.

Digitaria aequiglumis (Poaceae), a new weed for Western Australia

LEPSCHI, B.J. AND MACFARLANE, T.D., Nuytsia 11 (3): 425–427 (1997)

Digitaria Haller is a cosmopolitan genus represented in Western Australia by 15 indigenous and four introduced species. In early 1996, the first author collected a weedy Digitaria (Lepschi & Lally 2486) on the northern outskirts of Perth which did not match any Digitaria species so far recorded from Western Australia. Subsequent examination of the collection by the second author revealed the plant to be D. aequiglumis (Hackel & Arechav.) Parodi, a South American species sparingly naturalized in eastern and southern Australia (Webster 1984).

Brief notes on the genus Crowea (Rutaceae)

WILSON, PAUL G., Nuytsia 11 (3): 429–430 (1997)

A treatment of the genus Crowea (Rutaceae) for Volume 26 of the "Flora of Australia" has been submitted. This paper describes a new subspecies included in that treatment and explains the nomenclatural decision that was taken with regard to the use of one of the varietal names.