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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium


Volumes 1–14 are available for download via the Biodiversity Heritage Library’s (BHL) page for Nuytsia.

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Taxonomic studies on Ptilotus R.Br. (Amaranthaceae) in Western Australia

BENL, G., Nuytsia 4 (3): 263–274 (1983)


A new species of Billardiera (Pittosporaceae) from south-west Western Australia

BENNETT, ELEANOR M., Nuytsia 4 (3): 275–278 (1983)


Eucalyptus petraea sp. nov. and E. lucasii (Myrtaceae) : two Western Australian boxes

CARR, S.G.M AND CARR, D.J., Nuytsia 4 (3): 279–292 (1983)


A new species of Pilostyles (Rafflesiaceae) from Western Australia

DELL, B., Nuytsia 4 (3): 293–294 (1983)


Malleostemon, a new genus of Myrtaceae (subfamily Leptospermoideae, tribe Chamelaucieae) from south-western Australia

GREEN, J.W., Nuytsia 4 (3): 295–316 (1983)


Taxonomy of Micromyrtus ciliata (Myrtaceae) and allied species including three new species of Micromyrtus from eastern Australia and lectotypification of M. minutiflora

GREEN, J.W., Nuytsia 4 (3): 317–331 (1983)

Micromyrtus ciliata is redefined in consequence of the segregation from it of two new species, M. sessilis and M. striata. A third new species, M. blakelyi, belonging to the same group, is also described. All four species are mapped and illustrated. Micromyrtus minutiflora, based on mixed material, is lectotypified.

The Drummond collection of Western Australian fungi at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

HILTON, ROGER N., Nuytsia 4 (3): 333–358 (1983)


The genus Ondinea (Nymphaeaceae) including a new subspecies from the Kimberley region, Western Australia

KENNEALLY, K.F. AND SCHNEIDER, EDWARD L., Nuytsia 4 (3): 359–365 (1983)

A new subspecies, Ondinea purpurea Hartog subsp. petaloidea is described and illustrated. The occurrence of previously unreported petaloid flowers in the genus and the discovery of seedlings necessitates expanding the species description. The gradation from sepals to petals to petaloid stamens to conventional stamens provides additional morphological data to support the placement of Ondinea in the Nymphaeaceae sensu stricto.

Studies in the genus Acacia (Leguminosae : Mimosoideae). 13. Four new species from north-western Australia

MASLIN, B.R., Nuytsia 4 (3): 367–382 (1983)


Studies in the genus Acacia (Leguminosae : Mimosoideae). 14. New taxa from north-west Western Australia

MASLIN, B.R., Nuytsia 4 (3): 383–410 (1983)


A morphometric and anatomical study of the Darwinia diosmoides complex (Myrtaceae) in south-western Australia

RYE, B.L., Nuytsia 4 (3): 411–421 (1983)

Both floral morphology and leaf anatomy proved to be of little value in distinguishing the three variants of the Darwinia diosmoides complex. Morphometric analysis of foliar characters confirmed that the northern variant, which differs in chromosome number and several other respects, should be recognized as a new species (D. capitellata Rye). However, the two southern variants showed complete intergradation in their foliar characters; hence they were not considered sufficiently distinct to be given formal taxonomic rank.

Darwinia capitellata (Myrtaceae), a new species from south-western Australia

RYE, B.L., Nuytsia 4 (3): 423–426 (1983)

A new species, Darwinia capitellata Rye, is described. It differs from its closest relative, D. diosmoides (DC.) Benth., in bracteole shape and texture, distribution of oil glands, arrangement of flower heads, chromosome number and geographical distribution.

A new Western Australian species of Pandanus subgenus Pandanus section Semikeura (Pandanaceae)

STONE, BENJAMIN C., Nuytsia 4 (3): 427–434 (1983)


Angasomyrtus, a new genus of Myrtaceae (Leptosperminae) from Western Australia

TRUDGEN, MALCOLM E. AND KEIGHERY, G.J., Nuytsia 4 (3): 435–439 (1983)