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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium


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Apatophyllum macgillivrayi (Celastraceae), a new species from south-west Western Australia

CRANFIELD, R.J. AND LANDER, N.S., Nuytsia 8 (2): 191–194 (1992)

A new species of Apatophyllum (Celastraceae) endemic to the Austin Botanical District of the Eremaean Botanical Province of Western Australia, namely A. macgillivrayi Cranfield & Lander, is described. A key to species of Apatophyllum and a map of their distribution is provided. The differences between Apatophyllum and the putatively related genus Psammomoya are briefly noted.

Eucalyptus ordiana (Myrtaceae), a new species from the Kimberley, Western Australia

DUNLOP, C.R., Nuytsia 8 (2): 195–199 (1992)

A new species of Eucalyptus series Subexsertae is described and illustrated. The species is known only from populations just south of Kununurra, Western Australia.

A taxonomic account of the genus Calotropis R.Br. (Asclepiadaceae) in Australia

FORSTER, PAUL I., Nuytsia 8 (2): 201–208 (1992)

Two species of Calotropis R.Br., C. procera (Ait.) Ait. f. and C. gigantea (L.) Ait. f., occur naturalised in Australia.

Four new species of Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae) from Western Australia

GRAYLING, P.M. AND BROOKER, M.I.H., Nuytsia 8 (2): 209–218 (1992)

Four new species from the informal Eucalyptus subgenus Symphyomyrtus Pryor & Johnson are described and illustrated. E. absita is a member of the E. series Porantheroideae (Maiden) Chippendale; E. balanites has similarities to E. decipiens Endl. in the E. series Micrantherae Benth. sensu Chippendale (1988); E. annuliformis is closely related to E. drummondii Benth. in the E. series Curviptera Maiden; and E. argutifolia is a member of the E. series Rufispermae Maiden. All four species are known only from small populations in coastal and sub-coastal south-western Australia.

New species of Triodia and Plectrachne (Poaceae) from the Kimberley

JACOBS, S.W.L., Nuytsia 8 (2): 219–223 (1992)

Two new species of Triodia, T. burbidgeana and T. epactia, and two new species of Plectrachne, P. caroliniana and P. bunglensis, are described. The two Triodia species are related to T. pungens, P. caroliniana to P. schinzii, and P. bunglensis to P. bynoei. All are being described for the forthcoming “Flora of the Kimberley Region”.

Taxonomic review of the Grevillea drummondii Meissn. species group (Proteaceae)

KEIGHERY, G.J., Nuytsia 8 (2): 225–230 (1992)

The Grevillea drummondii Meissn. group previously considered as two species, G. fistulosa and G. drummondii (with three subspecies) is shown to consist of five closely related allopatric species. One new species Grevillea fuscolutea Keighery is described, and a new combination Grevillea centristigma (McGillivray) Keighery is made.

Stylidium latericola (Stylidiaceae), a new species from the Perth Region, Western Australia

KENNEALLY, K.F., Nuytsia 8 (2): 231–235 (1992)

A new species of Stylidium (Stylidiaceae) endemic to the Perth Region, namely S. lateriticola Kenneally is described and illustrated.

A new graniticolous species of Myriophyllum (Haloragaceae)

ORCHARD, A.E., Nuytsia 8 (2): 237–239 (1992)

A new species, Myriophyllum lapidicola, is described from a granite outcrop in the goldfields region of Western Australia.

Triodia pascoeana (Poaceae), a new species from the western Kimberley

SIMON, B.K., Nuytsia 8 (2): 241–243 (1992)

Triodia pascoeana, from the limestone and associated areas of the western Kimberley, is diagnosed and described as new. It is compared with some other species of Triodia, and its ecology is discussed briefly.

Philotheca citrina (Rutaceae), a new species from Western Australia

WILSON, PAUL G., Nuytsia 8 (2): 245–248 (1992)

A new species of Philotheca, that comes from the Austin Botanical District of Western Australia, is described and illustrated. Its relationship to other species of Philotheca and of Eriostemon sect. Nigrostipulae is discussed.

Acacia Miscellany 5. A review of the A. bivenosa group (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae : section Phyllodineae)

CHAPMAN, A.R. AND MASLIN, B.R., Nuytsia 8 (2): 249–283 (1992)

A key is presented to the thirteen taxa comprising the A. bivenosa group. Three new species, viz. A. didyma, A. startii and A. telmica, and one new subspecies, A. sclerosperma subsp. glaucescens, are described. Descriptions are provided for six previously published species, namely A. bivenosa DC., A. ligulata A. Cunn. ex Benth., A. rostellifera Benth., A. sclerosperma F. Muell., A. tysonii Luehm. and A. xanthina Benth. Acacia cupularis is reinstated. All species, except A. ampliceps Maslin and A. salicina Lindl., are illustrated.

Acacia Miscellany 6. Review of Acacia victoriae and related species (Leguminosae : Mimosoideae: section Phyllodineae)

MASLIN, B.R., Nuytsia 8 (2): 285–309 (1992)

A key is presented to the 10 species comprising the informal “Acacia victoriae group”. Five of these species, all from Western Australia, are described as new, namely, A. alexandri, A. aphanoclada, A. chartacea, A. ryaniana and A. synchronicia. Acacia glaucocaesia Domin (syn. A. glabripes Maiden & Blakely, non Domin) is reinstated but may ultimately prove better placed as an infraspecific taxon under A. victoriae Benth. Legumes are described for A. pickardii Tind. and a full description is given for A. dempsteri F. Muell. All species of the group are illustrated.