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Loranthaceae Juss.
Gen.Hist. 3:432 (1834)
Amyema Tiegh.
Bull.Soc.Bot.France 506 (1895)
Amyema benthamii (Blakely) Danser
Bull.Jard.Bot.Buitenzorg 10:294 (1929)
Amyema bifurcata (Benth.) Tiegh.
Bull.Soc.Bot.France 41:507 (1894)
Amyema bifurcata (Benth.) Tiegh. var. bifurcata
Amyema bifurcata var. eburna Barlow
Brunonia 5:208 (1983)
Amyema conspicua (F.M.Bailey) Danser
Bull.Jard.Bot.Buitenzorg ser.3 10:294 (1929)
Amyema conspicua subsp. obscurinervis Barlow
Austral.J.Bot. 14:463 (1966)
Amyema dolichopoda Barlow
Brunonia 5:209 (1983)
Amyema eburna (Barlow) Barlow
Blumea 36:327 (1992)
Amyema fitzgeraldii (Blakely) Danser
Pincushion Mistletoe Bull.Jard.Bot.Buitenzorg 10:295 (1929)
Amyema gibberula (Tate) Danser
Bull.Jard.Bot.Buitenzorg 10:295 (1929)
Amyema gibberula (Tate) Danser var. gibberula
Amyema gibberula var. tatei (Blakely) Barlow
Austral.J.Bot. 14:465 (1966)
Amyema hilliana (Blakely) Danser
Bull.Jard.Bot.Buitenzorg 10:296 (1929)
Amyema linophylla (Fenzl) Tiegh.
Bull.Soc.Bot.France 41:65 (1894)
Amyema linophylla (Fenzl) Tiegh. subsp. linophylla
Amyema mackayensis (Blakely) Danser
Bull.Jard.Bot.Buitenzorg 10:297 (1929)
Amyema mackayensis subsp. cycnei-sinus (Blakely) Barlow
Amyema maidenii (Blakely) Barlow
Proc.Linn.Soc.New South Wales 87:57 (1962)
Amyema maidenii (Blakely) Barlow subsp. maidenii

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