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Lamiaceae Martinov
Tekhno-Bot.Slovar 355 (1820)
Dicrastylis Harv.
Hooker's J.Bot.Kew Gard.Misc. 7:56 (1855)
Dicrastylis archeri Munir
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 14:87-89,Fig.1 (1991)
Dicrastylis beveridgei F.Muell.
Fragm. 8:50 (1873)
Dicrastylis beveridgei F.Muell. subsp. beveridgei
Dicrastylis beveridgei var. lanata Munir
Brunonia 1:523-524 (1978)
Dicrastylis beveridgei subsp. revoluta Munir
Brunonia 1:524-525 (1978)
Dicrastylis brunnea Munir
Brunonia 1:546-549 (1978)
Dicrastylis brunnea Munir var. brunnea
Dicrastylis brunnea var. pedunculata Munir
Brunonia 1:549-551,Fig.27 (1978)
Dicrastylis capitellata Munir
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 14:89-91,Fig.2 (1991)
Dicrastylis cordifolia Munir
Brunonia 1:461-464 (1978)
Dicrastylis cordifolia var. barnettii Munir
Brunonia 1:464 (1978)
Dicrastylis cordifolia Munir var. cordifolia
Dicrastylis cordifolia var. purpurea Munir
Brunonia 1:464-465 (1978)
Dicrastylis corymbosa (Endl.) Munir
Brunonia 1:500-505 (1978)
Dicrastylis costelloi F.M.Bailey
Queensland Agric.J. 4:14 (1891)
Dicrastylis costelloi var. eriantha (F.Muell.) Munir
Brunonia 1:517-518 (1978)
Dicrastylis cundeeleensis Rye
Nuytsia 17:304-308, Figs1b, 2 (2007)
Dicrastylis doranii F.Muell.
Fragm. 8:230 (1874)
Dicrastylis exsuccosa (F.Muell.) Druce
Rep.Bot.Exch.Club Brit.Isles 4:619 (1917)

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