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Acanthaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 102 (1789)
Hypoestes R.Br.
Prodr.Fl.Nov.Holland. 474 (1810)
Hypoestes aristata Roem. & Schult.
Syst.Veg. Ed. 15, 1:140 (1817)
Hypoestes floribunda R.Br.
Bunu Prodr. 474 (1810)
Hypoestes floribunda var. angustifolia Benth.
Fl.Austral. 4:554 (1868)
Hypoestes floribunda var. distans (Benth.) Ewart & O.B.Davies
Fl.N.Territory 252 (1917)
Hypoestes floribunda var. suaveolens (C.A.Gardner) R.M.Barker
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 9:223 (1986)
Hypoestes floribunda var. varia R.M.Barker
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 9:216-220 (1986)
Hypoestes sparsiflora R.M.Barker
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 9:197-198,Fig.36 (1986)
Hypoestes suaveolens C.A.Gardner

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A taxon name that is no longer current will retain its ‘Threatened’, ‘Extinct’, or ‘Extinct in the Wild’ status until a new name has been published in a Biodiversity Conservation Order.