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Plantaginaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 89 (1789)
Plantago L.
Sp.Pl. 2:112 (1753)
Plantago australis Lam.
Tabl.Encycl. 1:339 (1792)
Plantago bellardii All.
Fl.Pedem. 1:82, Tab.85, Fig.3 (1785)
Plantago coronopus L.
Buckshorn Plantain Sp.Pl. 1:115 (1753)
Plantago coronopus subsp. commutata (Guss.) Pilger
Repert.Spec.Nov.Regni Veg. 28:287 (1930)
Plantago coronopus L. subsp. coronopus
Plantago cretica L.
Sp.Pl. 1:114 (1753)
Plantago cunninghamii Decne
Prodr. 13(1):702 (1852)
Plantago debilis R.Br.
Prodr. 425 (1810)
Plantago drummondii Decne.
Sago Weed Prodr. 13(1):701 (1852)
Plantago exilis Decne.
Prodr. 13(1):702 (1852)
Plantago hispida R.Br.
Prodr. 425 (1810)
Plantago lanceolata L.
Ribwort Plantain Sp.Pl. 1:113-114 (1753)
Plantago major L.
Greater Plantain Sp.Pl. 1:112-113 (1753)
Plantago sp. Hamersley (M.E. Trudgen 11207)
Plantago sp. Kondinin hairy (M.N. Lyons 2917)
Plantago sp. Mt Magnet (A.S. George 6793)
Plantago turrifera B.G.Briggs, Carolin & Pulley
Contr.New South Wales Natl.Herb. 4:396 (1973)
Plantago varia R.Br.
Variable Plantain

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A taxon name that is no longer current will retain its ‘Threatened’, ‘Extinct’, or ‘Extinct in the Wild’ status until a new name has been published in a Biodiversity Conservation Order.