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Araliaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 217 (1789)
Trachymene Rudge
Trans.Linn.Soc.London 10:300, Tab.21 (1811)
Trachymene juncea S.Moore
J.Linn.Soc.,Bot. 34:194 (1898)
Trachymene lacerata Maconochie
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 2:178-179 (1980)
Trachymene microcephala (Domin) B.L.Burtt
J.Bot. 79:45 (1941)
Trachymene moorei M.Hiroe
Umbelliferae World 887 (1979)
Trachymene moorei M.Hiroe subsp. moorei ms
Trachymene moorei subsp. Tutanning (A.S. George 12867)
Trachymene oleracea (Domin) B.L.Burtt
J.Bot. 79:46 (1941)
Trachymene oleracea (Domin) B.L.Burtt subsp. oleracea
Trachymene oleracea subsp. sedimenta Rye
Nuytsia 13:219-221, Fig. 7A-D (1999)
Trachymene oleracea subsp. sedimentum Rye
Nuytsia 13:219-221, Fig. 7A-D (1999)
Trachymene ornata (Endl.) Druce
Spongefruit Rep.Bot.Exch.Club Brit.Isles 4:650 (1917)
Trachymene pavimentum M.D.Barrett & R.L.Barrett
Pavement Laceflower Nuytsia 26:29-30, Fig. 3 (2015)
Trachymene pilbarensis Rye
Nuytsia 13:221-222,Figs5B-E (1999)
Trachymene pilosa Sm.
Native Parsnip Cycl. 39:Addend., No. 2 (1819)
Trachymene platyptera Bunge
Trachymene pyrophila Rye
Nuytsia 13:223-224,Figs4F-J (1999)
Trachymene rotundifolia (Benth.) Maconochie
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 2:183 (1980)
Trachymene sp. A Perth Flora
Trachymene sp. Cundeelee (D.W. Goodall 2417)
Trachymene sp. Esperance (R.J. Cranfield 1370)

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A taxon name that is no longer current will retain its ‘Threatened’, ‘Extinct’, or ‘Extinct in the Wild’ status until a new name has been published in a Biodiversity Conservation Order.