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Malvaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 271 (1789)
Triumfetta L.
Sp.Pl. 2:444 (1753)
Triumfetta albida (Domin) Halford
Austrobaileya 4:539, Fig. 5A (1997)
Triumfetta antrorsa Halford
Austrobaileya 4:547-548,Fig.12A (1997)
Triumfetta appendiculata F.Muell.
Fragm. 3:7 (1862)
Triumfetta aquila Halford
Austrobaileya 4:561-562,Fig.13D (1997)
Triumfetta aspera Halford
Austrobaileya 4:516-517,Fig.2D (1997)
Triumfetta bradshawii F.Muell.
Proc.Linn.Soc.New South Wales 6:460 (1892)
Triumfetta breviaculea D.A.Halford ms
Triumfetta breviaculeata Halford
Austrobaileya 4:554-555,Fig.10C (1997)
Triumfetta carteri Halford
Austrobaileya 4:541-542,Fig.9F (1997)
Triumfetta centralis Halford
Austrobaileya 4:543-544,Fig.9A (1997)
Triumfetta chaetocarpa F.Muell.
Urchins Fragm. 11:61-62 (1879)
Triumfetta cladara Halford
Austrobaileya 4:563-564,Fig.12F (1997)
Triumfetta clementii (Domin) Rye
Nuytsia 9:417 (1994)
Triumfetta clivorum Halford
Austrobaileya 4:545-547 (1997)
Triumfetta clivorum subsp. brevipetala Halford
Austrobaileya 4:546-547 (1997)
Triumfetta clivorum Halford subsp. clivorum
Triumfetta clivorum subsp. micropetala Halford ms
Triumfetta clivorum subsp. micropetalum Halford ms
Triumfetta coronata Halford
Austrobaileya 4:511-512,Fig.1F (1997)

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