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Dasypogonaceae Dumort.
Calectasia R.Br.
Prodr.Fl.Nov.Holland. 263 (1810)
Calectasia palustris R.L.Barrett & K.W.Dixon
Nuytsia 13:442-444,Fig.14 (2001)
Orchidaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 64 (1789)
Caladenia R.Br.
Fairy Orchids Prodr.Fl.Nov.Holland. 323 (1810)
Caladenia abbreviata Hopper & A.P.Br.
Coastal Spider Orchid Nuytsia 14:186-189,Fig.40 (2001)
Caladenia applanata Hopper & A.P.Br.
Nuytsia 14:43,44 (2001)
Caladenia applanata subsp. erubescens Hopper & A.P.Br.
Rose Spider Orchid Nuytsia 14:46-48,Figs 2G-J (2001)
Caladenia arenicola Hopper & A.P.Br.
Carousel Spider Orchid Nuytsia 14:48-50,Figs 2K-Q (2001)
Caladenia arrecta Hopper & A.P.Br.
Reaching Spider Orchid Nuytsia 14:50,51,Figs 2R-W (2001)
Caladenia attingens Hopper & A.P.Br.
Nuytsia 14:51,52 (2001)
Caladenia attingens subsp. gracillima Hopper & A.P.Br.
Small Mantis Orchid Nuytsia 14:54-56,Figs 4E-K (2001)
Caladenia barbarella Hopper & A.P.Br.
Small Dragon Orchid Nuytsia 14:162-166,Figs 34A-F (2001)
Caladenia bicalliata subsp. cleistogama Hopper & A.P.Br.
Shy Limestone Spider Orchid Nuytsia 14:192,Figs 42A-G (2001)
Caladenia brevisura Hopper & A.P.Br.
Short-sepaled Spider Orchid Nuytsia 14:192-196,Fig.43 (2001)
Caladenia brownii Hopper
Karri Spider Orchid Nuytsia 14:56-57, Figs 4L-R (2001)
Caladenia bryceana subsp. cracens Hopper & A.P.Br.
Northern Dwarf Spider Orchid Nuytsia 14:197-199,Figs 44H-K (2001)
Caladenia busselliana Hopper & A.P.Br.
Bussell's Spider Orchid Nuytsia 14:57-59 (2001)
Caladenia caesarea subsp. maritima Hopper & A.P.Br.
Cape Mustard Orchid Nuytsia 14:201-203,Figs.44L-Q (2001)
Caladenia caesarea subsp. transiens Hopper & A.P.Br.
Dwarf Mustard Orchid Nuytsia 14:203,Figs 44R-V (2001)
Caladenia chapmanii Hopper & A.P.Br.
Chapman's Spider Orchid Nuytsia 14:206,207,Figs 46E-K (2001)
Caladenia christineae Hopper & A.P.Br.
Christine's Spider Orchid Nuytsia 14:59-60 (2001)
Caladenia citrina Hopper & A.P.Br.
Margaret River Spider Orchid Nuytsia 14:60,61,Figs 4S-W (2001)
Caladenia cruscula Hopper & A.P.Br.
Reclining Spider Orchid Nuytsia 14:61-65,Figs 7 (2001)

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A taxon name that is no longer current will retain its ‘Threatened’, ‘Extinct’, or ‘Extinct in the Wild’ status until a new name has been published in a Biodiversity Conservation Order.