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Droseraceae Salisb.
Parad.Lond. pt.95 (1808)
Drosera L.
Sp.Pl. 2:218 (1753)
Drosera scorpioides Planch.
Shaggy Sundew Ann.Sci.Nat., Bot. Ser. 3, 9:288 (1848)
Drosera serpens Planch.
Ann.Sci.Nat. (Paris) 9:204 (1848)
Drosera sewelliae Diels
Red Woolly Sundew Bot.Jahrb.Syst. 35:206-207, Fig. 26E-G (1904)
Drosera silvicola Lowrie & Carlquist
Phytologia 73:105-107,Fig.4 (1992)
Drosera sp. A Kimberley Flora
Drosera sp. Branched styles (S.C. Coffey 193)
Drosera sp. Hatter Hill (G.J. Barrett s.n. 15/9/89)
Drosera sp. Kentdale (G.J. Bourke 458)
Drosera sp. Lake King (K.R. Newbey 5514)
Drosera sp. Lesueur National Park (C.A. Gardner 9350)
Drosera sp. Yampi Peninsula (A.J.M. Hopkins BA 0248)
Drosera spilos N.G.Marchant & Lowrie
Kew Bull. 47:327-328 (1992)
Drosera squamosa Benth.
Fl.Austral. 2:463 (1864)
Drosera stelliflora Lowrie & Carlquist
Phytologia 73:107-109,Fig.5 (1992)
Drosera stolonifera Endl.
Leafy Sundew Enum.Pl. 5 (1837)
Drosera stolonifera subsp. compacta N.G.Marchant
Fl.Australia 8:384 (1982)
Drosera stolonifera subsp. humilis (Planch.) N.G.Marchant
Fl.Australia 8:384 (1982)
Drosera stolonifera subsp. monticola Lowrie & N.G.Marchant
Nuytsia 8:326-328,Fig.2 (1992)
Drosera stolonifera subsp. porrecta (Lehm.) N.G.Marchant & Lowrie
Kew Bull. 47:320 (1992)
Drosera stolonifera subsp. prostrata N.G.Marchant & Lowrie
Kew Bull. 47:320-321 (1992)

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A taxon name that is no longer current will retain its ‘Threatened’, ‘Extinct’, or ‘Extinct in the Wild’ status until a new name has been published in a Biodiversity Conservation Order.