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Thymelaeaceae Juss.
Fam.Pl. 2:278 (1763)
Pimelea Gaertn.
Fruct.Sem.Pl. 1:186 (1788)
Pimelea punicea R.Br.
Prodr.Fl.Nov.Holland. 359 (1810)
Pimelea rara Rye
Summer Pimelea Nuytsia 5:9-10,Fig.4 (1984)
Pimelea rosea R.Br.
Rose Banjine Prodr. 360 (1810)
Pimelea rosea subsp. annelsii Rye
Nuytsia 13:186-187,Figs3I-K (1999)
Pimelea rosea R.Br. subsp. rosea
Rose Banjine
Pimelea sanguinea F.Muell.
Fragm. 1:84 (1859)
Pimelea serpyllifolia R.Br.
Prodr. 360 (1810)
Pimelea serpyllifolia subsp. occidentalis Rye
Nuytsia 6:152 (1988)
Pimelea serpyllifolia R.Br. subsp. serpyllifolia
Pimelea sessilis Rye
Nuytsia 6:232-234,Fig.51 (1988)
Pimelea sp. Tarin Rock (E.J. Croxford 2118)
Pimelea spectabilis Lindl.
Bunjong Sketch Veg.Swan R. 41 (1840)
Pimelea spiculigera F.Muell.
Fragm. 11:46-47 (1878)
Pimelea spiculigera F.Muell. var. spiculigera
Pimelea spiculigera var. thesioides (S.Moore) Rye
Nuytsia 6:164 (1988)
Pimelea suaveolens Meisn.
Scented Banjine Pl.Preiss. 1:603-604 (1845)
Pimelea suaveolens subsp. flava Rye
Nuytsia 6:218-219,Fig.41 (1988)
Pimelea suaveolens Meisn. subsp. suaveolens
Pimelea subvillifera (Threlfall) Rye
Nuytsia 6:185-186 (1988)
Pimelea sulphurea Meisn.
Yellow Banjine Bot.Zeit. 6:396 (1848)

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A taxon name that is no longer current will retain its ‘Threatened’, ‘Extinct’, or ‘Extinct in the Wild’ status until a new name has been published in a Biodiversity Conservation Order.