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Browse the complete list of WA’s families of plants, fungi, algae and protists. Icons to the right indicate additional content available, and the navigation element to the left of each name will expand the family listing to include its component genera. The same functions are then available for the genera in order to display all WA species for that group.

Wrangeliaceae J.Agardh
Spec.Gen.Ord.Alg. 2(1):x (1851)
Anotrichium Nägeli
Sitzungsber.Königl.Bayer.Akad.Wiss.München 1861(2):397 (1862)
Bornetia Thur.
Mém.Soc.Sci.Nat.Cherbourg 3:159 (1855)
Desikacharyella B.Subram.
Phykos 23:11 (1984)
Diplothamnion A.B.Joly & Yam.-Tomita
Rickia 2:169 (1966)
Grallatoria M.Howe
Bahama Fl. 560 (1920)
Griffithsia C.Agardh
Syn.Alg.Scand. xxviii (1817)
Guiryella Huisman & Kraft
Phycologia 31:128-129 (1992)
Haloplegma Mont.
Ann.Sci.Nat., Bot. ser. 2, 18:258 (1842)
Mazoyerella Gordon-Mills & Womersley
Brit.Phycol.J. 134 (1974)
Monosporus Solier
Cat.Pl.Marseille 242 (1845)
Spongoclonium Sond.
Linnaea 26:515 (1855)
Tanakaella Itono
Studies on the Ceramiaceous algae (Rhodophyta) from the southern parts of Japan 46 (1977)
Tiffaniella Doty & Meñez
Trans.Amer.Microscop.Soc. 79:135-137 (1960)
Wrangelia C.Agardh
Sp.Alg. 2(1):136-137 (1828)

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A taxon name that is no longer current will retain its ‘Threatened’, ‘Extinct’, or ‘Extinct in the Wild’ status until a new name has been published in a Biodiversity Conservation Order.