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Interactive Keys

To run some of the Interactive Keys provided in Florabase, you will need to install some extra software. Interactive Keys give you access to an an expert at your finger tips. The tools they have written help you to identify plants, fungi and algae in Florabase. The tutorials may also be handy to help explain how the software works.

After installing the software, visit a page that allows you to download a key and click the link. The software should be started automatically by your browser.


Some of our keys are written using Identic’s Lucid software. As of February 2017, the keys we provide do not require you to install any additional software as they run in your web browser. The only requirement is that you have enabled Javascript in your web browser.

DELTA System

Some of our keys are written using the DELTA System. These keys require that you install the Intkey software, which is available from several places:

I’ve installed the DELTA software, take me to the keys!

Windows, Macintosh, Linux (Open DELTA)

Download the version appropriate for your operating system. For Windows users, be sure to choose the installer without JRE.

Unless there are reasons to do so, you should choose this software over the older CSIRO DELTA project.

This software is the Atlas of Living Australia-funded Open DELTA, a rewrite of CSIRO DELTA (see below) enabling it to be used on any operating system that runs Java.

1. Download and install Java 2. Download the Open DELTA software

Windows-only (CSIRO DELTA)

This software requires Windows (from 95 through to XP) although there are ways to install it on later versions. Instructions on installing this software on later and earlier versions of Windows are available from the install page.

Download the CSIRO DELTA software