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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Reappraisal of Scaevola oldfieldii (Goodeniaceae) and recognition of a new species S. kallophylla from south-west Western Australia

Recent collection and cultivation of the two rare taxa included in Scaevola oldfieldii sens. lat., showed that they are distinct species; S. oldfieldii F. Muell., a glabrous-leaved shrub to 2.3 m found on rocky slopes between the Murchison River and Geraldton; and S. kallophylla G.J. Howell sp. nov., a pubescent, leafier shrub to 0.8 m on the sandy coastal plain between the Murchison and Greenough Rivers. The taxonomy is discussed and an additional couplet, amending the Scaevola L. key in the "Flora of Australia", is given to accommodate the new species. Both species are illustrated.

Article in BHL