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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

New Sauropus (Euphorbiaceae: Phyllantheae) taxa for the Northern Territory and Western Australia and notes on other Sauropus occurring in these regions

Eight new species of Sauropus Blume are described and notes are provided on their distribution and conservation status: S. arenosus, S. dunlopii, S. filicinus, S. gracilis, S. paucifolius, S. rimophilus, S. salignus, and S. torridus . A new combination, S. stenocladus (Muell. Arg.) J.T. Hunter & J.J. Bruhl is made and a new subspecies, S. stenocladus subsp. pinifolius, is described. Notes and synonymy are provided for S. trachyspermus (F. Muell.) Airy Shaw. A key to all species and subspecies of Sauropus occurring within the Northern Territory and Western Australia is presented.