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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

A revision of Gardenia (Rubiaceae) from northern and north-western Australia

The twelve species of Gardenia Ellis endemic to tropical Australia west of the Queensland Gulf country are revised. Gardenia dacryoides Puttock, G. faucicola Puttock, G. gardneri Puttock, G. jabiluka Puttock G. kakaduensis Puttock and G. sericea Puttock are described as new to science. Gardenia megasperma var. arborea Ewart is raised to species rank as G. ewartii Puttock. A new name, G. schwarzii Puttock and neotype are provided for G. petiolata O. Schwarz. Gardenia keartlandii Tate is reduced to a subspecies of G. pyriformis A. Cunn. ex Benth. and three new subspecies are recognized: G. pyriformis subsp. orientalis Puttock, G. resinosa subsp. kimberleyensis Puttock and G. ewartii subsp. fitzgeraldii Puttock. Descriptions and a key to all taxa are provided.