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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium


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Hybrid between Eucalyptus tetraptera and Eucalyptus stoatei from Jerdacuttup, Western Australia

BENNETT, ELEANOR M., Nuytsia 10 (1): 1–5 (1995)

An horticulturally attractive hybrid between Eucalyptus tetraptera Turcz. and Eucalyptus stoatei C. Gardner from near Jerdacuttup, Western Australia, is described. It is proposed this be named Eucalyptus x stoataptera E.M. Bennett.

Eucalyptus series Preissianae (Myrtaceae), a new series of Western Australian eucalypts and the description of a new subspecies in the series

BROOKER, M.I.H. AND SLEE, A.V., Nuytsia 10 (1): 7–13 (1995)

A new taxon, Eucalyptus ser. Preissianae, comprising subser. Pluriloculares Blakely and Glandulares Blakely, and a new taxon, E. preissiana subsp. lobata are described, accompanied by illustrations and a distribution map.

Acacia Miscellany 10. New taxa and notes on previously described taxa of Acacia, mostly section Juliflorae (Leguminosae : Mimosoideae), in Western Australia

COWAN, R.S. AND MASLIN, B.R., Nuytsia 10 (1): 15–62 (1995)

Coincident to clarifying the delimitation of several species described earlier, 20 new Western Australian taxa are proposed and one new combination made: A. ampliata Cowan & Maslin (related to A. jamesiana Maslin), A. coolgardiensis subsp. effusa Cowan & Maslin and subsp. latior Cowan & Maslin, A. cuthbertsonii subsp. linearis Cowan & Maslin, A. cylindrica Cowan & Maslin (related to A. heteroneura Benth.), A. demissa Cowan & Maslin (related to A. quadrimarginea F. Muell.), A. desertorum subsp. nudipes Cowan & Maslin, A. epedunculata Cowan & Maslin (related to A. heteroneura Benth.), A. gibbosa Cowan & Maslin (tenuously related to A. websteri Maiden & Blakely), A. heteroneura var. petila Cowan & Maslin, var. prolixa Cowan & Maslin and var. jutsonii (Maiden) Cowan & Maslin, comb. et stat. nov. (based on A. jutsonii Maiden), A. incongesta Cowan & Maslin (related to A. neurophylla W. Fitzg.), A. levata Cowan & Maslin (related to A. cuthbertsonii Luehm.), A. neurophylla subsp. erugata Cowan & Maslin, A. oncinophylla subsp. patulifolia Cowan & Maslin, A. repanda Cowan & Maslin (related to A. ephedroides Benth.), A. singula Cowan & Maslin (related to A. multispicata Benth.), A. stereophylla var. cylindrata Cowan & Maslin, A. xanthocarpa Cowan & Maslin (of unknown affinity), and A. yorkrakinensis subsp. acrita Cowan & Maslin. In addition, lectotypifications are recorded for the following names: A. coolgardiensis Maiden, A. ephedroides Benth., _A. jutsoni_i Maiden, A. multispicata Benth., and A. sessilispica Maiden & Blakely.

Acacia Miscellany 11. Miscellaneous taxa of northern and eastern Australia of Acacia section Plurinerves (Leguminosae : Mimosoideae)

COWAN, R.S. AND MASLIN, B.R., Nuytsia 10 (1): 63–84 (1995)

Two new species (A. kenneallyi Cowan & Maslin and A. manipularis Cowan & Maslin) and one new subspecies (A. retivenea F. Muell. subsp. clandestina Cowan & Maslin) are described. Acacia lanigera Cunn. is distinguished from A. venulosa Benth. and is viewed as comprising three varieties, var. lanigera, var. gracilipes Benth. and var. whanii (F. Muell. ex Benth.) Pescott (syn. A. whanii F. Muell. ex Benth.). In addition, lectotypes for several taxa are designated herein: A. subporosa var. linearis Benth. (the base name for A. cognata Domin), A. excelsa Benth., A. hemignosta F. Muell., A. lanigera Cunn., A. lanigera var. gracilipes Benth., A. leucophylla Lindley (= A. pendula Cunn. ex Don), A. praelongata F. Muell., A. subporosa F. Muell., and A. trinervata var. brevifolia. A note concerning the binomial A. sericata Cunn. ex Benth. is also included and discussions are presented concerning A. farinosa Lindley, A. latescens Benth. and A. trinervata Sieber ex DC.

Acacia Miscellany 12. Acacia myrtifolia (Leguminosae : Mimosoideae : section Phyllodineae) and its allies in Western Australia

MASLIN, B.R., Nuytsia 10 (1): 85–101 (1995)

Five new species and one new subspecies of Acacia from Western Australia are described, namely, A. clydonophora Maslin, A. disticha Maslin, A. durabilis Maslin, A. heterochroa Maslin (comprising subsp. heterochroa and subsp. robertii Maslin) and A. pygmaea Maslin. These taxa, together with four previously described species, A. celastrifolia Benth., A. myrtifolia, A. nervosa DC. and A. obovata Benth. comprise the informal "Acacia myrtifolia Group". A key to the species of this Group is presented. Brief notes on the variation in the Western Australian populations of A. myrtifolia are given. Acacia pawlikowskyana Ohlend. is treated as a synonym of A. myrtifolia (this name was formerly treated as a synonym of A. celastrifolia). Acacia acutifolia Maiden & Blakely is also regarded as conspecific with A. myrtifolia; it is likely that the type information published by Maiden and Blakely for this name was erroneous.

Alyxia tetanifolia (Apocynaceae), a new species from south west Australia

CRANFIELD, R.J., Nuytsia 10 (1): 103–105 (1995)

A new species endemic to the Austin Botanical district of the Eremaean Botanical Province of Western Australia, namely A. tetanifolia, is described, illustrated and mapped. A key to Western Australian species of Alyxia is provided.

Robert Brown, the typification of his new Acacia names in edition 2 of Aiton’s ‘Hortus kewensis’

MASLIN, B.R. AND COWAN, R.S., Nuytsia 10 (1): 107–118 (1995)

Robert Brown published nine new species of Acacia in W.T. Aiton’s second edition of "Hortus Kewensis". In the past, typification of these species has presented problems for two main reasons. Firstly, there were uncertainties regarding the material on which they were based, i.e. Brown’s "wild" gatherings from Australia between 1801 and 1805, and/or from plants in cultivation in England. Secondly, it appears that there are no cultivated specimens extant which can be regarded as type material. There is, however, a collection by William McNab, a gardener at Kew, who made specimens of Brown’s Acacia species from cultivated plants at Kew between 1806 and 1809; this collection is curated by the National Herbarium at Dublin (DBN). The following Brown species names are here lectotypified on the basis of Brown’s "wild" material: A. alata, A. biflora, A. marginata (=A. myrtifolia), A. melanoxylon, A. pulchella and A. sulcata; a neotype for A. acicularis (=A. brownii) has been chosen from Brown’s "wild" collections while A. armata is neotypified on a cultivated plant in the William McNab collection at DBN. One species, A. ciliata (= A. browniana var.browniana), had been neotypified in a previous paper.

New and priority taxa in the genera Spyridium and Trymalium (Rhamnaceae) of Western Australia

RYE, B.L., Nuytsia 10 (1): 119–140 (1995)

The following new Rhamnaceae taxa are described and illustrated: Spyridium glaucum Rye, S. minutum Rye, S. montanum Rye, S. mucronatum Rye, S. mucronatum subsp. multiflorum Rye, S. mucronatum subsp. recurvum Rye, S. riparium Rye, Trymalium densiflorum Rye, T. elachophyllum Rye, T. floribundum subsp. trifidum Rye, T. ledifolium var. lineare Rye and T. venustum Rye. Half of these taxa are presently included on the Priority Flora List. Other species of Spyridium and Trymalium on this conservation priority list are also illustrated and two new combinations are made, namely Spyridium majoranifolium (Fenzl) Rye and Spyridium polycephalum (Turcz.) Rye.