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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium


Volumes 1–14 are available for download via the Biodiversity Heritage Library’s (BHL) page for Nuytsia.

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Notes on the identity and status of Western Australian phrase names in Corymbia and Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae)

NICOLLE, D., FRENCH, M.E. AND THIELE, K.R., Nuytsia 22 (3): 93–110 (2012)

A total of 27 phrase names in Corymbia K.D.Hill & L.A.S. Johnson (1) and Eucalyptus L'Hér. (25) which occur at least partly in Western Australia have been assessed with respect to their identity and status. Of these 27 phrase names, we recommend that 14 be removed from duplicate names (taxonomically matching another phrase name or published taxon), are taxonomically indistinct or very poorly understood, or are considered to represent hybrids. We erect eight new phrase names for Eucalyptus in Western Australia.

Tetratheca spenceri (Elaeocarpaceae), a new rare and range-restricted species from the Coolgardie bioregion, Western Australia

BUTCHER, R. AND COCKERTON, G.T.B., Nuytsia 22 (3): 111–120 (2012)

The new species of Tetratheca Sm. described herein was discovered opportunistically by Goldfields resident Charlie Spencer while exploring the Coolgardie bioregion in late 2011; it is named T. spenceri R.Butcher & Cockerton in honour of him. Tetratheca spenceri is currently known from a single population on a laterite outcrop south-east of Coolgardie and is of conservation significance. Five rare, short-range endemic Tetratheca taxa are already known from Banded Iron Formation ranges in the Coolgardie bioregion. Tetratheca spenceri can be distinguished from all other species of Tetratheca in the region by its combination of straight, finely wrinkled, glaucous stems, alternate, appressed, narrowly deltoid scale-leaves, moderately long peduncles bearing long, glandular hairs, uniformly pink petals, two ovules per locule, which are crowded together near the apex of the septum, and narrowly obovate, glabrous fruit. The new species is described and illustrated herein, its affinities are discussed, and its distribution mapped. A key to the ‘leafless’ taxa of Tetratheca in Western Australia is included.

Rediscovery and reinstatement of Hibbertia leptopus (Dilleniaceae), an overlooked and apparently rare species from Western Australia

THIELE, K.R., Nuytsia 22 (3): 121–124 (2012)

A review of Banksia mucronulata (Proteaceae)

BROOKS, K.J., Nuytsia 22 (3): 125–127 (2012)