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Hypericaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 254 (1789)
Hypericum L.
Sp.Pl. 2:783 (1753)
Hypericum canariense L.
Sp.Pl. 784 (1753)
Hypericum gramineum G.Forst.
Small St John's Wort Fl.Ins.Austr. 53 (1786)
Hypericum japonicum Thunb.
Matted St John's Wort Fl.Jap. 295 Tab.31 (1784)
Hypericum perforatum L.
St John's Wort Sp.Pl. 2:785 (1753)
Hypericum perforatum var. angustifolium DC.
St John's Wort Fl.Franç. 3(6):630 (1815)
Hypericum perforatum subsp. veronense (Schrank) H.Lindb.
St John's Wort Öfvers.Kongl.Vetensk.-Akad.Förh. 48:73 (1906)

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