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Poaceae Barnhart
Bull.Torrey Bot.Club 22:7 (1895)
Lolium L.
Sp.Pl. 1:83 (1753)
Lolium arundinaceum (Schreb.) Darbysh.
Tall Fescue Novon 3:241 (1993)
Lolium arundinaceum (Schreb.) Darbysh. subsp. arundinaceum
Lolium loliaceum (Bory & Chaub.) Hand.-Mazz.
Stiff Ryegrass Ann.K.K.Naturhist.Hofmus. 28:32 (1914)
Lolium multiflorum Lam.
Italian Ryegrass Fl.Franç. 3:621 (1779)
Lolium multiflorum × perenne
Lolium multiflorum × rigidum
Austral.J.Bot. 31:430-431 (1983)
Lolium perenne L.
Perennial Ryegrass Sp.Pl. 1:83 (1753)
Lolium perenne × rigidum
Lolium pratense (Huds.) Darbysh.
Novon 3:242 (1993)
Lolium remotum Schrank
Hardy Ryegrass Baier.Fl. 1:382 (1789)
Lolium rigidum Gaudin
Wimmera Ryegrass Agrost.Helv. 1:334-335 (1811)
Lolium temulentum L.
Drake Sp.Pl. 1:83 (1753)
Lolium temulentum forma arvense (With.) Junge
Jahrb.Hamburg.Wiss.Anst.Beih. ser.3,30:314 (1913)
Lolium temulentum L. forma temulentum
Lolium ×hubbardii B.K.Simon
Austrobaileya 2:21-22 (1984)
Lolium ×hybridum Hausskn.
Mitt.Georgr.Ges.(Thüringen) Jena 32 (1887)

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