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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium


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Three new species of Phyllanthus (Euphorbiaceae: Phyllantheae) for the Northern Territory, one new species for Western Australia, and notes on other Phyllanthus species occurring in these regions

HUNTER, J.T. AND BRUHL, J.J., Nuytsia 11 (2): 147–163 (1997)

Phyllanthus cauticola, P. prominulatus and P. sulcatus from the Northern Territory, and P. baeckeoides from Western Australia are described. Notes are presented on the nomenclatural problems of previously named taxa from these regions. A key to the species of Phyllanthus L. from the Northern Territory and Western Australia is presented.

New Sauropus (Euphorbiaceae: Phyllantheae) taxa for the Northern Territory and Western Australia and notes on other Sauropus occurring in these regions

HUNTER, J.T. AND BRUHL, J.J., Nuytsia 11 (2): 165–184 (1997)

Eight new species of Sauropus Blume are described and notes are provided on their distribution and conservation status: S. arenosus, S. dunlopii, S. filicinus, S. gracilis, S. paucifolius, S. rimophilus, S. salignus, and S. torridus . A new combination, S. stenocladus (Muell. Arg.) J.T. Hunter & J.J. Bruhl is made and a new subspecies, S. stenocladus subsp. pinifolius, is described. Notes and synonymy are provided for S. trachyspermus (F. Muell.) Airy Shaw. A key to all species and subspecies of Sauropus occurring within the Northern Territory and Western Australia is presented.

Six new species of triggerplant (Stylidium: Stylidiaceae) from south-west Western Australia

LOWRIE, A. AND KENNEALLY, K.F., Nuytsia 11 (2): 185–198 (1997)

Six new Stylidium species from the south-west of Western Australia, Stylidium burbidgeanum, S. glabrifolium, S. kalbarriense, S. torticarpum, S. tylosum and S. udusicola Lowrie & Kenneally, are described and illustrated. Three of these species have conservation priority.

Eight new species of triggerplant (Stylidium: Stylidiaceae) from northern Australia

LOWRIE, A. AND KENNEALLY, K.F., Nuytsia 11 (2): 199–217 (1997)

Eight new Stylidium species, S. adenophorum, S. barrettorum, S. clarksonii, S. mucronatum, S. perizostera, S. prophyllum, S. rivulosum and S. turbinatum Lowrie & Kenneally, are described and illustrated.

Acacia colei var. ileocarpa (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae), a new taxon from the tropical dry-zone of north-west Australia

MCDONALD, M.W. AND MASLIN, B.R., Nuytsia 11 (2): 219–223 (1997)

Acacia colei var. ileocarpa M.W. McDonald & Maslin, var. nov., a newly recognized variant of A. colei Maslin & L.A.J. Thomson, is described, illustrated and its natural distribution mapped. This variety differs most significantly from var. colei by its tightly, irregularly coiled or twisted pods which are very similar to those found on related species A. holosericea Cunn. ex Don and A. neurocarpa Cunn. ex Hook.

A revision of Gardenia (Rubiaceae) from northern and north-western Australia

PUTTOCK, C.F., Nuytsia 11 (2): 225–262 (1997)

The twelve species of Gardenia Ellis endemic to tropical Australia west of the Queensland Gulf country are revised. Gardenia dacryoides Puttock, G. faucicola Puttock, G. gardneri Puttock, G. jabiluka Puttock G. kakaduensis Puttock and G. sericea Puttock are described as new to science. Gardenia megasperma var. arborea Ewart is raised to species rank as G. ewartii Puttock. A new name, G. schwarzii Puttock and neotype are provided for G. petiolata O. Schwarz. Gardenia keartlandii Tate is reduced to a subspecies of G. pyriformis A. Cunn. ex Benth. and three new subspecies are recognized: G. pyriformis subsp. orientalis Puttock, G. resinosa subsp. kimberleyensis Puttock and G. ewartii subsp. fitzgeraldii Puttock. Descriptions and a key to all taxa are provided.

Three new annual species of Schoenus (Cyperaceae) from the south-west of Western Australia

RYE, B.L., Nuytsia 11 (2): 263–268 (1997)

Three new species in the Cyperaceae, Schoenus badius Rye, S. plumosus Rye and S. variicellae Rye, are described and illustrated. All are annual plants apparently endemic to the south-west of Western Australia and one of them is on the Priority Flora List.

New species of Cyperaceae in Western Australia

WILSON, K.L., Nuytsia 11 (2): 269–282 (1997)

The following new species of Cyperaceae from Western Austrralia are described: Cyathochaeta equitans K.L. Wilson (C. clandestina auct.), C. stipoides K.L. Wilson, Eleocharis keigheryi K.L. Wilson, Gahnia sclerioides K.L. Wilson, Schoenus calcatus K.L. Wilson, S. griffinianus K.L. Wilson and S. insolitus K.L. Wilson.

A new subspecies of Lambertia echinata (Proteaceae)

KEIGHERY, G.J., Nuytsia 11 (2): 283–284 (1997)

During the field work for a floristic survey of the Swan Coastal Plain (Gibson et al. 1994) a series of areas of unusual plant communities on shallow soils over sheet ironstone were documented. A number of plant taxa found in these areas, including Lambertia echinata R. Br., have been reduced to a single or very few populations with critically low numbers of individuals.

Occurrence and spread of Sea Spurge (Euphorbia paralias) along the west coast of Western Australia

KEIGHERY, G.J. AND DODD, J., Nuytsia 11 (2): 285–286 (1997)

Euphorbia paralias along the west coast of Western Australia Euphorbia paralias L. (Sea Spurge) is a herbaceous perennial native to the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts of Europe, where it is locally abundant on sandy shores, young sand dunes and fine shingle (Blamey & Grey-Wilson 1987). It has become established along the southern coast of mainland Australia from Western Australia to Victoria and north-east Tasmania (Hnatiuk 1990).

The Rhamnaceae of the Kimberley Region of Western Australia

RYE, B.L., Nuytsia 11 (2): 287–292 (1997)

Six native species of Rhamnaceae, all in different genera, are known from the Northern Botanical Province of Western Australia. This province is equivalent to the Kimberley Region as defined in "Flora of the Kimberley Region", in which five of the Rhamnaceae species are described and illustrated (Wheeler 1992). Since publication of the Kimberley flora, a further species and genus, Colubrina asiatica, has been discovered at Koolama Bay in the far north of the Kimberley, and there has been an alteration of the specific name used for the Alphitonia species in the region. In addition, unpublished work on generic boundaries in the Rhamnaceae suggests that the species currently known as Cryptandra intratropica should be placed in a new genus (K. Thiele pers. comm.).