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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium


Volumes 1–14 are available for download via the Biodiversity Heritage Library’s (BHL) page for Nuytsia.

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Labichea rossii (Fabaceae: Caesalpinioideae), a new species from the Yilgarn Ranges, Western Australia

GIBSON, N., Nuytsia 21 (3): 91–95 (2011)

A new rare species of Labichea Gaudich. ex DC. is described from a ridge of Banded Iron Formation in the ranges near Mt Holland. Unlike most species in the genus, this new species, L. rossii N.Gibson, has very dissimilar petals more reminiscent of flowers from subfamily Faboideae.

A new and rare species of Ptilotus (Amaranthaceae) from a suburban wetland of the eastern Swan Coastal Plain, Western Australia

DAVIS, R.W. AND TAUSS, C., Nuytsia 21 (3): 97–102 (2011)

Ptilotus christineae R.W.Davis & Tauss, currently known from only one small population in the Greater Brixton Street Wetlands, about 14 km from the centre of the city of Perth, is described and illustrated. A key to Ptilotus R.Br. of the Swan Coastal Plain Biogeographical Region is provided.

An assessment of some infraspecific taxa in Ptilotus (Amaranthaceae) from Western Australia

DAVIS, R.W., Nuytsia 21 (3): 103–106 (2011)

This paper deals with three infraspecific taxa in Ptilotus that do not warrant recognition: Ptilotus appendiculatus Benl var. minor Benl, Ptilotus divaricatus (Gaudich.) F.Muell. var. rubescens Benl and Ptilotus lanatus Cunn. ex Moq. var. glabrobracteatus Benl.

A revision of Dielsiodoxa (Ericaceae: Styphelioideae: Oligarrheneae)

ALBRECHT, D.E. AND HISLOP, M., Nuytsia 21 (3): 107–126 (2011)

The genus Dielsiodoxa Albr., endemic to south-west Western Australia, is revised. The genus includes three previously named species, D. leucantha (E.Pritz.) Albr., D. oligarrhenoides (F.Muell.) Albr. and D. tamariscina (F.Muell.) Albr. A neotype is designated for the former species and a lectotype for the latter species. Three new taxa are described with accompanying scanned images: D. lycopodioides Albr., D. propullulans Albr. and D. leucantha subsp. obtusa Hislop & Albr. Descriptions, a distribution map and a key to all taxa are provided.

Sida picklesiana (Malvaceae), a new species from the Murchison-Gascoyne region of Western Australia

MARKEY, A.S., DILLON, S.J., COCKERTON, G.T.B. AND BARKER, R.M., Nuytsia 21 (3): 127–137 (2011)

This article provides a description of the recently discovered species Sida picklesiana A.S. Markey, S.J. Dillon & R.M. Barker. This species is known from an area near Wiluna in Western Australia’s Murchison-Gascoyne region, where it occurs in a variety of habitats. Sida picklesiana has conservation priority status as it has a relatively limited distribution. Major differences between Sida picklesiana and the species with which it is most likely to be confused are discussed, and the most recently published draft key to Sida is amended to include this new species.

Two species of Inocybe (fungi) introduced into Western Australia

BOUGHER, N.L. AND MATHENY, P.B., Nuytsia 21 (3): 139–148 (2011)

This paper reports for the first time the introduction into Western Australia from the northern hemisphere of Inocybe curvipes P.Karst. and Inocybe rufuloides Bon. The fungi are associated with planted non-native ectomycorrhizal trees – Quercus, Pinus, and possibly Salix. Previously, I. curvipes was confirmed from South Australia where it has been present for at least almost a century, but it was not known from Western Australia. I. rufuloides had not been recorded anywhere in Australia. In this paper I. curvipes is also reported for the first time in Papua New Guinea, in association with planted Quercus and Pinus. Populus and Quercus are confirmed as ectomycorrhizal partners of I. curvipes based on ITS BLASTn analysis of environmental sequences.

Re-evaluation of some infraspecific taxa in Ptilotus (Amaranthaceae)

DAVIS, R.W., Nuytsia 21 (3): 149–151 (2011)

Validation of the name Drosera monticola (Droseraceae), a species from the south-west of Western Australia

LOWRIE, A., Nuytsia 21 (3): 152 (2011)

Melaleuca marginata, a new name for Melaleuca coronicarpa (Myrtaceae)

HISLOP, M., LEPSCHI, B.J. AND CRAVEN, L.A., Nuytsia 21 (3): 153–154 (2011)