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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium


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Four new names for Pimelea species (Thymelaeaceae) represented in the Perth region

RYE, B.L., Nuytsia 5 (1): 1–11 (1984)

Descriptions of three new Pimelea species (P. brevistyla Rye, P. calcicola Rye and P. ciliata Rye) are given in preparation for the "Flora of the Perth Region". A further species, which appears to be rare and endemic to the Perth Region, is given the new name P. rara Rye, based on P. lehmanniana Meissner var. ligustrinoides Benth.

Taxonomic clarification of the Lomandra odora group (Xanthorrhoeaceae or Dasypogonaceae)

MACFARLANE, T.D., Nuytsia 5 (1): 13–24 (1984)

Three species are recognised in the Lomandra odora group, two of them new: L. odora (Endl.) Ewart, L. nigricans T. D. Macfarlane and L. integra T. D. Macfarlane. The name L. endlicheri (F. Muell.) Ewart is illegitimate; it has often been applied to each of the three species recognised here. Descriptions, photographs of specimens, distribution maps and a key to the three species are provided.

A new species and a new combination among the Proteaceae represented in the Perth region

RYE, B.L., Nuytsia 5 (1): 25–31 (1984)


Taxonomic notes on some Western Australian species of Hibbertia (Dilleniaceae)

WHEELER, J.R., Nuytsia 5 (1): 31–42 (1984)


Two new Western Australian species of Lomandra Labill. (Xanthorrhoeaceae)

CHOO, T.S., Nuytsia 5 (1): 43–48 (1984)

Two new species of Lomandra, L. brittanii and L. maritima, are described and figured. They are both restricted to the south-west of Western Australia. Lomandra brittanii occurs east and up to l00 km south-east of Perth and L. maritima occupies coastal habitats over a range from c. 200 km north to c. 70 km south of Perth.

Dryandra mimica, a new species of Proteaceae from south-west Western Australia

GEORGE, A.S., Nuytsia 5 (1): 49–52 (1984)


Seven new orchids from Western Australia

GEORGE, A.S., Nuytsia 5 (1): 53–62 (1984)


A new species of Darwinia (Myrtaceae) from the Perth region, Western Australia

MARCHANT, N.G., Nuytsia 5 (1): 63–66 (1984)

A new species, Darwinia apiculata, from near Kalamunda, suburban Perth, Western Australia, is described and illustrated. It belongs to sect. Genetyllis (DC.) Benth. and is similar to D. helichrysoides (Meisn.) Benth. and D. oederoides (Turcz.) Benth., differing in its habit, bracts, bracteoles, calyx lobes and corolla lobes. Darwinia apiculata is known only from the type locality.

Reinstatement of Spinifex sericeus R.Br. and hybrid status of S. alterniflorus Nees (Poaceae)

CRAIG, G.F, Nuytsia 5 (1): 67–74 (1984)

Spinifex sericeus R.Br., previously included under S. hirsutus Labill., is reinstated. S. alterniflorus Nees, a hybrid of S. hirsutus Labill. and S. longifolius R.Br., is described. Distinguishing features and a key to the Australian species of the genus are presented; distribution maps are provided.

Rumex (Polygonaceae) in Australia : a reconsideration

RECHINGER, K.H., Nuytsia 5 (1): 75–122 (1984)

Descriptions and a key are provided for the 8 indigenous and 9 alien species of Rumex within Australia. Of the indigenous taxa R. alcockii, R. stenoglottis, R. x comaumensis (R. bidens x R. brownii) and R. x johannismoorei (R. brownii x R. crispus) are described as new. Rumex dumosiformis is reduced to a variety of R. dumosus and R. flexuosiformis is relegated to synonymy under R. drummondii. Notes on 4 hybrids between alien species are included. A classification for subgen. Rumex is proposed which three new subsections within section Simplices are described: subsect. Amphibii, subsect. Australienses and subsect. Acrancistron. The following taxa are included in this account. Indigenous species: Rumex alcockii Rech. f., R. bidens R. Br., R. brownii Campderá, R. crystallinus Lange, R. drummondii Meisn., R. dumosus A. Cunn. ex Meisn.,R. stenoglottis Rech. f. and R. tenax Rech. f. Alien species: Rumex acetosella L., R. bucephalophorus L., R. conglomeratus Murr., R. crispus L., R. frutescens Thouars, R. obtusifolius L., R. pulcher L., R. sagittatus Thunb. and R. vesicarius L. Hybrids: R. x comaumensis Rech. f. (R. bidens R.Br. x R. brownii Campderá), R. x johannis-moorei Rech.f. (R. brownii Campdera x R. crispus L.), R. x schulzei Hausskn. (R. conglomeratus Murr. x R. crispus L.), R. x muretii Hausskn. (R. conglomeratus Murr. x R. pulcher L.), R. x pratensis Mertens & Koch (R. crispus L. x R. obtusifolius L.) and R. x pseudopulcher Hausskn. (R. crispus L. x R. pulcher L.).

Nine new species of Calothamnus Labill. (Myrtaceae : Leptospermoideae) from Western Australia

HAWKESWOOD, T.J., Nuytsia 5 (1): 123–153 (1984)

Nine new species and one new subspecies of Calothamnus from Western Australia are described, namely C. graniticus, C. tuberosus, C. formosus, C. formosus subsp. rigidus, C. hirsutus, C. brevifolius, C. aridus, C. macrocarpus, C. kalbarriensis and C. borealis.. A new combination, C. graniticus subsp. leptophyllus, is also provided, based on C. torulosus Schau. var. leptophylla Benth. The affinities of the new species are considered. In addition, a key is provided to all species of Calothamnus presently recognized.

Patersonia argyrea, a new species of Iridaceae from the Gairdner Range, Western Australia

COOKE, D.A., Nuytsia 5 (1): 155–158 (1984)

Patersonia argyrea D. A. Cooke is described and illustrated; a hybrid origin of this species is suggested.

Notes on Daviesia and Jacksonia (Leguminosae : Papilionoideae) for the flora of the Perth region

CRISP, M.D., Nuytsia 5 (1): 159–170 (1984)

Six groups of confused species are resolved. As a result, three new species of Daviesia are described, namely D. triflora, D. podophylla and D. inflata. Daviesia gracilis is proposed as a new name for D. juncea sensu Sm., non (Schrad.) Pers. Daviesia hakeoides Meissn. var. subnuda Benth. is raised to subspecies level. Lectotypes are chosen for D. physodes Cunn. ex Don and D. quadilatera Benth. D. physodes, which has been confused with D. incrassata Sm., is reinstated. Jacksonia condensata Crisp et J. Wheeler sp. nov. is based upon the misapplied name J. capitata sensu Meissn., non Benth. J. densiflora Benth., which has been confused with J. floribunda Endl., is reinstated.

Lomandra nutans (Xanthorrhoeaceae or Dasypogonaceae), a new species from the Stirling Range area, Western Australia

MACFARLANE, T.D., Nuytsia 5 (1): 171–175 (1984)

Lomandra nutans is described and illustrated. A map of its distribution on the plain south and south-east of the Stirling Range is provided. The species is unique in the genus in possessing a nutant panicle but is assigned to Section Lomandra, Group A of Stevens.

New combinations in the Tribulopis (Zygophyllaceae) of the Western Australian flora

EICHLER, H., Nuytsia 5 (1): 177 (1984)

Transfers are made from Tribulus to Tribulopis for two species and one variety which is simultaneously raised to the rank of species.