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Fabaceae Lindl.
Intr.Nat.Syst.Bot. Ed.2:148 (1836)
Daviesia Sm.
Trans.Linn.Soc.London,Bot. 4:220 (1798)
Daviesia pachyloma Turcz.
Bull.Soc.Imp.Naturalistes Moscou 26 (1):263 (1853)
Daviesia pachyphylla F.Muell.
Ouch Bush Fragm. 4:15-16 (1863)
Daviesia paniculata Benth.
Enum.Pl. 31 (1837)
Daviesia pauciflora Crisp
Austral.Syst.Bot. 4:257-260,Fig.16 (1991)
Daviesia pectinata Lindl.
Prickly Bitterpea Three Exped.Australia 2:150 (1838)
Daviesia pedunculata Lindl.
Sketch Veg.Swan R. xiv (1839)
Daviesia physodes G.Don
Gen.Hist. 2:125 (1832)
Daviesia pleurophylla Crisp
Austral.Syst.Bot. 8:1221,Fig.27 (1995)
Daviesia podophylla Crisp
Nuytsia 5:164-165 (1984)
Daviesia polyphylla Lindl.
Sketch Veg.Swan R. xiv (1839)
Daviesia preissii Meisn.
Pl.Preiss. [J.G.C.Lehmann] 1:50-51 (1844)
Daviesia pseudaphylla Crisp
Austral.Syst.Bot. 8:1222-1223 (1995)
Daviesia pteroclada Crisp
Austral.Syst.Bot. 8:1223-1225,Fig.29 (1995)
Daviesia purpurascens Crisp
Purple-leaved Daviesia J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 2:274-276 (1980)
Daviesia quadrilatera Lindl.
Sketch Veg.Swan R. xiv (1839)
Daviesia ramosissima Crisp
Austral.Syst.Bot. 8:1226-1228,Fig.30 (1995)
Daviesia reclinata Benth.
Fl.Austral. 2:77 (1864)
Daviesia retrorsa Crisp
Austral.Syst.Bot. 8:1228-1229,Fig.31 (1995)
Daviesia reversifolia F.Muell.
Fragm. 1:145 (1859)
Daviesia rhizomata Crisp
Austral.Syst.Bot. 8:1230,Fig.32 (1995)

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