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Fabaceae Lindl.
Intr.Nat.Syst.Bot. Ed.2:148 (1836)
Daviesia Sm.
Trans.Linn.Soc.London,Bot. 4:220 (1798)
Daviesia rhombifolia Meisn.
Pl.Preiss. [J.G.C.Lehmann] 1:56 (1844)
Daviesia rubiginosa Crisp
Austral.Syst.Bot. 8:1230-1233,Fig.33 (1995)
Daviesia sarissa Crisp
Austral.Syst.Bot. 8:1233,Fig.34 (1995)
Daviesia sarissa subsp. redacta Crisp
Austral.Syst.Bot. 8:1234 (1995)
Daviesia sarissa Crisp subsp. sarissa
Daviesia scabrella Crisp
Phytotaxa 300:177-179, Fig. 78 (2017)
Daviesia scoparia Crisp
Austral.Syst.Bot. 8:1235,Fig.35 (1995)
Daviesia smithiorum Crisp
Austral.Syst.Bot. 8:1235-1237 (1995)
Daviesia sp. ms
Daviesia sp. (PLE)A.S. George 10288
Daviesia sp. Cunderdin (N.G. Marchant & J. Seabrook s.n. May 93)
Daviesia sp. Kanandah (R. Davis 10604)
Daviesia sp. Subulata (T.R. Lally & B.J. Lepschi 1091)
Daviesia speciosa Crisp
Austral.Syst.Bot. 8:1237-1238,Fig.36 (1995)
Daviesia spinosissima Meisn.
Pl.Preiss. [J.G.C.Lehmann] 1:51 (1844)
Daviesia spiralis Crisp
Spiral-leaved Daviesia Nuytsia 4:9-11 (1982)
Daviesia striata Turcz.
Bull.Soc.Imp.Naturalistes Moscou 26 (1):264 (1853)
Daviesia stricta Crisp
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 6:63-65 (1982)
Daviesia subulata Crisp & G.Chandler
Phytotaxa 300:161-163, Fig. 70 (2017)
Daviesia teretifolia Benth.
Fl.Austral. 2:82 (1864)

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