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Poaceae Barnhart
Bull.Torrey Bot.Club 22:7 (1895)
Ehrharta Thunb.
Kongl.Vetensk.Acad.Handl. 40:216 (1779)
Ehrharta brevifolia Schrad.
Annual Veldt Grass Gött.Gel.Anz. 3:2077-2078 (1821)
Ehrharta brevifolia Schrad. var. brevifolia
Ehrharta brevifolia var. cuspidata Nees
Fl.Afr.Austral. 205 (1841)
Ehrharta calycina Sm.
Perennial Veldt Grass Pl.Icon.Ined. Tab 33 (1790)
Ehrharta erecta Lam.
Panic Veldt Grass Encycl. 2:347 (1786)
Ehrharta erecta Lam. var. erecta
Ehrharta longiflora Sm.
Annual Veldt Grass Pl.Icon.Ined. Tab.32 (1790)
Ehrharta pusilla Trin.
Mem.Acad.Imp.Sci.St.-Petersbourg,Ser. 6,Sci.Math.,Seconde Pt.Sci.Nat.5:68-69 (1839)
Ehrharta villosa Schult.f.
Pyp Grass Syst.Veg. 7:1374 (1830)
Ehrharta villosa var. maxima Stapf
Pyp Grass Fl.Cap. 7:681 (1900)
Ehrharta villosa Schult.f. var. villosa

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