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Dasypogonaceae Dumort.
Baxteria Hook.
Hooker's J.Bot.Kew Gard.Misc. 2:492, 494, t. 13-15. (1843)
Baxteria australis Hook.
London J.Bot. 2:492-494 (1843)
Calectasia R.Br.
Prodr.Fl.Nov.Holland. 263 (1810)
Calectasia arnoldii K.W.Dixon ms
Calectasia bella Keighery ms
Calectasia browneana Keighery, K.W.Dixon & R.L.Barrett
Nuytsia 13:419-420Fig.4 (2001)
Calectasia cyanea R.Br.
Blue Tinsel Lily Prodr. 263-264 (1810)
Calectasia demarzii R.L.Barrett
Demarz's Tinsel Lily Nuytsia 26:46-47, Fig. 11 (2015)
Calectasia elegans R.L.Barrett
Elegant Tinsel Lily Nuytsia 26:47-48, Fig. 12 (2015)
Calectasia gracilis Keighery
Nuytsia 13:424-426,Fig.6 (2001)
Calectasia grandiflora L.Preiss
Blue Tinsel Lily Pl.Preiss. 2:53 (1846)
Calectasia grandiflora L.Preiss subsp. grandiflora ms
Calectasia grandiflora subsp. southern (H. Demarz 546)
Calectasia grandiflora subsp. Wheatbelt (A.M. Coates 4315)
Calectasia hispida R.L.Barrett & K.W.Dixon
Nuytsia 13:431-433,Fig.9 (2001)
Calectasia jubilaea R.L.Barrett
Jubilee Tinsel Lily Nuytsia 26:50, Fig. 13 (2015)
Calectasia keigheryi R.L.Barrett & K.W.Dixon
Nuytsia 13:435-437,Fig.11 (2001)
Calectasia narragara R.L.Barrett & K.W.Dixon
Star of Bethlehem Nuytsia 13:437-439, Fig. 12 (2001)
Calectasia obtusa R.L.Barrett & K.W.Dixon
Nuytsia 13:439-442,Fig.13 (2001)
Calectasia palustris R.L.Barrett & K.W.Dixon
Nuytsia 13:442-444,Fig.14 (2001)

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A taxon name that is no longer current will retain its ‘Threatened’, ‘Extinct’, or ‘Extinct in the Wild’ status until a new name has been published in a Biodiversity Conservation Order.