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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium


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Two new species of Tetratheca (Tremandraceae), from the Coolgardie and Austin Botanical Districs, Western Australia

ALFORD, JENIFER J., Nuytsia 10 (2): 143–149 (1995)

Two new species of Tetratheca (Tremandraceae), T. chapmanii, endemic to the Carnarvon Range in the Austin Botanical District, Eremaean Province and T. paynterae, endemic to one small range of hills north of Bullfinch in the Coolgardie Botanical District, South-Western Interzone, are described and illustrated. A key and a table of differences are provided to facilitate recognition of the two newly described species and the morphologically-similar species T. aphylla and T. halmaturina.

Acacia Miscellany 13. Taxonomy of some Western Australian phyllocladinous and aphyllodinous taxa (Leguminosae : Mimosoideae)

MASLIN, B.R., Nuytsia 10 (2): 151–179 (1995)

Descriptions are provided for eleven endemic Western Australian species of Acacia characterized by phyllodes which are either decurrent on the stems and forming prominent opposite wings, or which are reduced to scales or minute, horn-like projections. Seven new species and two new infraspecific taxa of Acacia are described, namely, A. aemula Maslin which comprises two subspecies, subsp. aemula and subsp. muricata Maslin (syn. A. tetragonocarpa var. scabra Benth.), A. alata var. tetrantha Maslin, A. applanata Maslin, A. bifaria Maslin, A. carens Maslin, A. cerastes Maslin, A. cummingiana Maslin and A. pterocaulon Maslin. The taxonomy of A. alata R. Br. Is briefly assessed and the species is now viewed as comprising four varieties, namely, var. alata, var. biglandulosa Benth., var. platyptera (Lindl.) Meisn. and var. tetrantha Maslin. A description is provided for A. volubilis F. Muell.; this species is possibly extinct and seems related to A. aemula. Acacia glaucoptera Benth., a close relative of A. bifaria, and A. willdenowiana H. Wendl. (based on A. diptera Lindl.), a closerelative of A. applanata, are lectotypified.

Acacia Miscellany 14. Taxonomy of some Western Australian “Uninerves-Racemosae” species (Leguminosae : Mimosoideae : section Phyllodineae)

MASLIN, B.R., Nuytsia 10 (2): 181–203 (1995)

Eight new species of Acacia section Phyllodineae from Western Australia are described, namely, A. anthochaera Maslin, A. brumalis Maslin_, A. chamaeleon_ Maslin (syn: A. stowardii S. Moore non Maiden, and provisionally A. leiophylla var. microcephala Meissner), A. dorsenna Maslin, A. gelasina Maslin_, A. scleroclada_ Maslin, A. subrigida Maslin and A. wilcoxii Maslin. Lectotypes are selected for A. stowardii S. Moore, A. harveyi Benth. and A. leptopetala Benth. The ten species included in the paper have racemose inflorescences and are referable to series Uninerves subseries Racemosae as defined by Bentham (1864)

Acacia Miscellany 15. Five groups of microneurous species of Acacia (Leguminosae : Mimosoideae : section Plurinerves), mostly from Western Australia

COWAN, R.S. AND MASLIN, B.R., Nuytsia 10 (2): 205–254 (1995)

Five informal groupings of new and previously described species are reviewed, including a key to the taxa of each group and descriptions or re-descriptions of each taxon. The "A. densiflora Group" includes A. densiflora Morrison, A. eremophila W. Fitzg. and A. mackeyana Ewart & Jean White in addition to the following new taxa: A. dissona R.S. Cowan & Maslin, A. dissona var. indoloria R.S. Cowan & Maslin, A. hadrophylla R.S. Cowan & Maslin, A. kalgoorliensis R.S. Cowan & Maslin, A. papulosa R.S. Cowan & Maslin and A. undosa R.S. Cowan & Maslin. The "A. ancistrophylla Group" comprises two new species (A. amyctica R.S. Cowan & Maslin and A. whibleyana R.S. Cowan & Maslin), in addition to A. ancistrophylla C.R.P. Andrews which is treated here as consisting of three varieties (the typical variety, var. perarcuata R.S. Cowan & Maslin, var. nov. and var. lissophylla (J.M. Black) R.S. Cowan & Maslin). The "A. enervia Group" is made up of A. enervia Maiden & Blakely with two subspecies (the typical subspecies and subsp. explicata R.S. Cowan & Maslin_), A. lineolata_ Benth. with two subspecies (the typical one and subsp. multilineata (W. Fitzg.) R.S. Cowan & Maslin, comb. et stat. nov.) and A. inceana Domin with two subspecies (the typical one and subsp. conformis R.S. Cowan & Maslin). The "A. fragilis Group" includes three new species (A. aulacophylla R.S. Cowan & Maslin_, A. consanguinea_ R.S. Cowan & Maslin and A. ophiolithica R.S. Cowan & Maslin) in addition to A. assimilis S. Moore with two subspecies (subsp. assimilis and subsp. atroviridis R.S. Cowan & Maslin, subsp. nov.), A. fragilis Maiden & Blakely and A. uncinella Benth. Finally, the "A. dielsii Group" comprises two new species (A. nivea R.S. Cowan & Maslin and A. obesa R.S. Cowan & Maslin) in addition to A. dielsii E. Pritz. itself. Selection of lectotypes is recorded for the following taxa: A. eremophila W. Fitzg. var. variabilis Maiden & Blakely, A. ancistrophylla C.R.P. Andrews var. lissophylla (J.M. Black) R.S. Cowan & Maslin, A. lineolata Benth., A. mackeyana Ewart & Jean White and A. assimilis S. Moore.

New and priority taxa in the genera Cryptandra and Stenanthemum (Rhamnaceae) of Western Australia

RYE, B.L., Nuytsia 10 (2): 255–305 (1995)

The genus Stenanthemum is reinstated, with two new combinations: Stenanthemum complicatum (F. Muell.) Rye and S. divaricatum (Benth.) Rye. The following new Rhamnaceae taxa, some of which have conservation significance, are described and illustrated: Cryptandra apetala var. anomala Rye, C. arbutiflora var. borealis Rye, C. arbutiflora var. intermedia Rye, C. arbutiflora var. pygmaea Rye, C. aridicola Rye, C. congesta Rye, C. distigma Rye, C. graniticola Rye,C. intonsa Rye, C. minutifolia Rye, C. minutifolia subsp. brevistyla Rye, C. nola Rye, C. polyclada subsp. aequabilis Rye, C. recurva Rye, C. wilsonii Rye, Stenanthemum bilobum Rye, S. cristatum Rye, S. emarginatum Rye, S. intricatum Rye, S. limitatum Rye, S. mediale Rye, S. nanum Rye, S. newbeyii Rye, S. notiale Rye, S. notiale subsp. chamelum Rye, S. petraeum Rye, S. poicilum Rye, S. reissekii Rye and S. stipulosum Rye. A few additional species of Cryptandra and Stenanthemum that are presently included on the Priority Flora List are also illustrated.

Cryptandra monticola (Rhamnaceae), a new species from the Pilbara region of Western Australia

RYE, B.L. AND TRUDGEN, MALCOLM E., Nuytsia 10 (2): 307–310 (1995)